February 26, 2016


Kwickstage scaffolding hire and sale

Our kwikstage scaffolding hire and sale is one of the top quality products offered for all your scaffolding needs, the kwikstage scaffolding can be made to fit any requirement and provide solutions to almost any job required. Here at ScaffoldingJHB all materials used within the manufacturing process of our scaffolding is SABS approved. Full comprehensive catalogs and specifications are available on request. We strive to maintain our constantly increasing reputation in the scaffolding industry by ensuring that every project and sale is undertaken at the highest standard and supervised by an extremely experienced foreman at all times.
Base Jacks4.4
U Jacks4.4
3m Standards14.8
2.5m Standards12.3
2m Standards10.2
1.5m Standards7.6
1m Standards5
0.5m Standards2.5
2.5m Ledgers8
2m Ledgers6.5
1.5m Ledgers5.5
1.3m Ledgers 4.4
1.2m Ledgers4.4
900mm Ledgers3.2
600mm Ledgers2.2
2.5m Steel Boards18
2.0m Steel Boards15.93
1.3m Steel Boards9.15
900mm Steel Boards7.55
No. Acro Props22
2.5m Toe Boards14.3
2.0m Toe Boards11.6
1.3m Toe Boards7.8
Toe Board Clips0.5
Band and Plate Sets1.8
Swivel Couplers0.2
6m Bracing Tubes22
3m Bracing Tubes11
Castor Wheels5
2m Ladders27
2m Staircase and Handrail65
Ledger Beams 48

Self-lock scaffolding hire and sale

At ScaffoldingJHB we pride our self’s in providing top class self-lock scaffolding hire and sale. All materials used within the manufacturing of our self-lock scaffolding is 100% SABS approved and tailored to fit any situation or project expected from our clients. Our self-lock scaffolding is perfectly durable, portable and safe for any form of work needed to be undertaken. All individuals specifications, measurements and full catalogs are available on request. Here at ScaffoldingJHB we pride ourselves in only undertaking and completing projects to the highest standard possible, this is always achievable through the constant supervision of an experienced foreman. We strive for completing jobs to the customers satisfaction and mostly in a timely manner. For all your quality scaffolding hire needs contact us for your free quotation today.

Formwork scaffolding hire and sale

ScaffoldingJHB is confident in presenting our highly engineered form work scaffolding for all construction projects. Our SABS approved materials ultimately ensure that the most comprehensive and detailed work can be completed to the customers satisfaction. At scaffolding hire and sale no project and sales quote is too large nor is it too small, we continue to strive as one of the top suppliers of all scaffolding needs.
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