February 26, 2016

Health and Safety


Scaffolding Health and Safety Johannesburg

Health and Safety is our biggest concern here at Scaffolding  Johannesburg, we strive for the highest of standards in safety. Our on-site professionals have over a decade in the business and are always on site to ensure that proper health and safety precautions are always used. Scaffolding Jhb is committed to providing our customers with a scaffolding hire that is safe, sound and reliable all tailored to your needs. 

Our Mission

  • To provide solutions in health and safety
  • Maintain High Safety standards
  • Make sure our customers have piece of mind knowing we are on the job

Proficiency and supervision of scaffolding hire technicians 

At scaffolding JHB all employees have received highly appropriate training relevant to the type and complexity of the form of scaffolding they are working on. Erection, alteration and dismantling of all scaffolding structures (basic or advanced) for any form of project are conducted under the direct supervision of an advanced scaffolding technician. Scaffolding Johannesburg pride itself in constantly staying up to date in the latest health and safety regulations and changes in law associated within the scaffolding industry.

On Site health and safety risks 

  • Exposure to electricity
  • Overhead cables and materials
  • Falls from height
  • Particle and dust eye injury 
  • Manual hard laboring activities
  • Abrasions and cuts
  • High risk of recurring injuries from constant repetitive tasks 
  • High levels of sun exposure
  • Proximate and near contact to possible combustible and flammable materials 

Various legal duties upheld by Scaffolding JHB 

  • Comply with all control specifications such as the use and wearing of reflective vests and protective hand, footwear and hard helmets.
  • Constant improvement and continual training given to all employees at the highest regulatory level.
  • Correctly utilize and check the condition of all scaffolding structures and components before any projects or erection is conducted.
  • Take high care in all health and safety issues that may adversely affect the well being of the client in any manner or circumstance.


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