September 7, 2016

Scaffolding for Sale

Scaffolding Johannesburg takes pride is supplying only the most affordable and highest quality scaffolding for sale and hire services throughout Gauteng. Our specialty lies in the efficient provision of services that include all aspects of scaffolding erection, alteration, and dismantling. Our experienced technicians will always be accompanied by a foreman that will oversee all projects thus ensuring that your projects are handled flawlessly.

We offer the sale of premium steel and aluminium scaffolding in accordance with strict SABS regulations. Whether you are looking for new or refurbished scaffolding for sale, we are your number one supplier. We supply all forms of kwickstage, self-lock and form work scaffolding. Effective relationships within the sale of scaffolding industry have allowed us to develop effective relationships with industry leading suppliers, thus allowing for cost savings to be passed onto you. We welcome all size orders, please visit our scaffolding products to find out more.

Top quality scaffolding for sale in Johannesburg

  • Standards, Ledgers, Self-lock frames
  • Steel boards, Toe boards, Bracing tubes
  • Diagonal braces, Ladders, Staircase
  • Trapdoor, Handrails, Castor and Steel wheels

With over ten years of experience within the scaffolding sale industry, we supply all residential and industrial scaffolding throughout the greater Johannesburg region. Contact us today for a free quotation and only the best services available in Gauteng.

From small contracts to large industrial contractors, Scaffolding Johannesburg has the highest quality products for sale with the needed support services to always ensure that safety and on the job performance is always taken care of. Let us take your projects to the next level of modern scaffolding for sale.

Refurbished Scaffolding is done via sandpapering the scaffolding and getting out the kinks and after that, we then touch up the scaffolding with our own industrial grade spray paint. The scaffolding feels, looks and works like new once we are done with it. We take pride in our scaffolding for sale, delivering the best service and products to our customers is what we do best.

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